Since I got told pretty vehemently by Jobjoris to post something Le Mans-related, here is another Teutonic entry for today.

This specific car didn’t race at Le Mans, since this is the presentation model for the new 2014 Porsche Intelligent Performance livery that accompanied the newly unveiled 919 Hybrid, but several of it’s brethren did, scoring third in the GTE Pro class in 2014. It was slightly more successful over the entire WEC season, ending second in the manufacturers standings.

2015 was a better year overall, with the 911 RSR winning the GT manufacturers title as well as the drivers title with Richard Lietz, but only fifth in GTE Pro at Le Mans.


So while not a Le Mans heavy weight in this livery, it’s still an amazing looking car in one of my favorite liveries ever, and I’d ride its 4.0L flat six into the sunset any time.

This model is a 1:43 by Spark, and I am definitely now a Spark believer. It’s unbelievably detailed and well put together.

I love this 991.1, but I’m so excited to see the new 991.2 mid-engined RSR racing this year though!

Happy now, Jobjoris???