I bought these two Lesney Land Rovers recently, and I’m trying to decide exactly what to do to/with them.

As you can see, both are rough & missing their roof luggage pieces. The one with worse paint loss also had it’s roof & fender tops painted darker blue a long while back, the glass is missing and the center windshield divider is bent.

I know I need to fix the windshield post and make windows for the one, but what to I do after that? Restore them? off-road them with beefier tires & bumpers? Do both the same as a set? Do something different with each? I do like how the paint loss on the worse one looks like the aluminum the real thing is made of.


Finding replacement roof luggage is a massive pain so I’m thinking of grinding off the roof nipples and use Dune Dog or Wrangler roof racks as replacements to hide the grinding. If I filled the roof hole I’d have to repaint at least the roof to hide the repairs.

Opinions? Thoughts? Ideas? The only thing I know I’m not going to do is put massive tires on them, as that always looks too far out of scale for me.

I seem to like making overland style 4x4s, I have my other Land Rover, and just finished an FJ40 that I have yet to photograph.