Some of these shots came out better then the rest, sorry ‘bout that. High time I looked for a new camera and the lights for this kinda stuff. Anyway,
From the House of Hongwell, here’s a Lexus GS300, dark green of course, because light setup. No scale given, but it’s close enough to 1:43 to just leave it at that (4-3/8" L).

A decent enough dash, with openings for instruments, nice center stack and well proportioned steering wheel.
A previous owner managed to back up into a tall curb and lose the right side exhaust tip. I might cut a dowel and fix it, but probably not...

This poor little out-of-focus guy will be looking for a new home soon. Not his fault, these cars just take up too much space. You guys with 1:18s all around the hacienda have more space than do I. Tiny spread of jelly there...not too bad...
However, I’m looking at a piece of property and thinking of building a new house on it, lots of shelves, big workshop, all the smiley things I need.