“A real driver knows exactly what’s in his car.”

There’s Hot Wheels with their 1/64 and there’s Jada in 1/34 up to 1/18. Not to be outdone, Mattel came up with their 1/55 Fast and Furious. But while the competition for the Fast and Furious franchise is fierce for both brands, some of us may have forgotten that once upon a time Greenlight released their own Fast and Furious merchandise.


Here is the set that Greenlight Hollywood release for their Fast and Furious that I featured in my teaser below.

Released probably last year, this set comes in acrylic display case inside a cardboard box and features the picture of the 2 cars at the back of the box. It contains 2 1/43 cars and seems to be based on the “Fast and Furious 4" which features Brian’s 2002 NISSAN SKYLINE GT-R and Dom’s 1970 CHEVY CHEVELLE SS.


When ToysRus did a price reduction on this set and has the popular 2002 Nissan skyline which according to Lamley group, Hot Wheels is planning a future release for the blue version in their premium series, acquiring this more detailed and larger model is a no brainer.

Here is Brian’s blue Nissan.

Here is Dom’s gray Chevelle.

Both cars are fantastic and I’m glad to say that the wheels for both do roll compared to other more expensive 1/43 counterpart and the best part is no QC issues. Both do not have any openings which is kind of expected from 1/43 adult collectibles although it would be nice to have opening hood to show off the engine since the movie IS about the cars.

With “Fast and Furious 8” showing up in cinemas plus price reduction, this memorabilia is a winner.

You can probably call them the blue and the gray.

Gentlemen. Start your engine.