Once in a while, the local HW collectors get together at a place close to the commercial capital to buy as well as sell the cars among us. Last Saturday was one such meetup day, and the location was not too far away (although I am blessed with numerous smaller cars, still no 1:1 in my stable so have to resort to public transport, hence distance plays a big role in deciding my attendance). I decided to join the fairly small gathering. It was a great decision.

In attendance were some of the most notable collectors in our fraternity, who usually gets most of the diecasts. Let the pictures do the rest of talking. :)

Off Roader Guy (Shanuka Gamage) was present, so got the chance to snap his two GL RAMs.
Jada Daytona and HW 458
Old Yank meets Modern Jap
One (or two) of the highlights; Toyota HiAce KDH200 from a Chinese manufacturer
This 1:72 Fairlady, likely from UCC, was incredibly detailed
Most probably the crown jewel of the show, the HW Entertainment Series Skyline R34 GTR.
The HiAce is an immensely popular vehicle in SL, and any authentic replica attracts massive attention
Add the Falken livery and we have a clear winner. It is a surprisingly accurate model for a relatively unknown manufacturer
1:1 and 1:64 (two different vehicles though)
The stars of the show

Hope you enjoy the photographs.

Have a great Sunday! :-)