I’m currently selling a bunch of hotwheels but before I post them on IG and eBay, I wanted to see if any of y’all want them?




Regular HW and MBX: $2/each without shipping (continental U.S. only)


$3/each without shipping (continental U.S. only)



$4/each without shipping (continental U.S. only)

Taiwan 7-Eleven Exclusive Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona $20 without shipping (continental U.S. only)

1/43 Hotwheels Elite Ferraris $50 shipped as a pair (Continental U.S. only)

brand new: only took them out for pictures and right back into the cases after

I know this isn’t a marketplace but I wanted to see if y’all are interested, cause it’s around that time where I need to do some Summer cleaning up!


I’m only looking to sell these at the moment, not trades.

If y’all are interested, comment and we’ll work something out!