I pulled out all the stops, well quite a few stops, as far as what I’ll part with for a pair of the Beatles (car culture?) Highway Haulers. I’m looking for a pair(s) so I’ll have an even number of axles with white real riders...(Giggity!) So, here we go...

Three flavors of the 2009 release, ‘71 Dodge Demon.

I found another Firebird Camaro Wind, this one doesn’t have the flipping mechanism on the base. 2003 First Edition #1-1965 Pontiac Bonneville, and the 1997 Porsche 930 from the Rockin’ Rods series.

Three birds in the hand; two 1998 First Edition IROC Firebirds, and one Hot Bird, from 1996.

1971 Mustang Mach 1 on an international card, Olds 442 from the 1997 Blue Streak series, and a GTO/Judge clone from Speed Rebels. If that last one looks like a Johnny Lightning, you’re not seeing things, made by Playing Mantis.

Hummer, in Hot Wheels Race Team livery, from the series of the dame name plus III from 1996, 2004 First Editions Fatbax Shelby Cobra 427 S/C, and the 1996 First Editions Twang Thang.

‘90 Acura NSX (for some reason), regular Treasure Hunt Tooligan, and the AMC Javelin AMX from the 2009 HW Premiere line.


That’s all I had the strength to haul pout and photograph tonight, but I’ll post more as I find cool stuff I’m willing to part with for those Beatles Highway Haulers. I’m also looking for the TWIX Combat Medic with those cool Pro Circuit 5 wheels. Thanks for reading.