Hi there, time for another game! :D

I wanted to make it a bit different this time... so instead of close-up shots, I chose to post just the silhouettes of the cars. And instead of the usual 10, there’s around 18 pics to guess this time, composed of American, Japanese, German, Italian and British cars. On this round, I threw in some old casts mixed in with the new and also, as with the previous games, casts from other brands (not just HW) are included.

The same game rules apply... you have to answer with the complete name of the car and brand of the cast. No need to tell the year, unless its a car that was in production for several years, then the year will be essential in identifying it. As before, no fantasy casts are shown, all are real cars.

Car 1:

Car 2:

Car 3:

Car 4:

Car 5:

Car 6:

Car 7:

Car 8:

Car 9:

Car 10:

Car 11:

Car 12:

Car 13:

Car 14:

Car 15:

Car 16:

Car 17:

Car 18:

thanks for playing! :D