I’ve been doing very little buying the last few months. I’ve been focusing on some 1:1 projects, and saving some money for Fintail’s upcoming straight out of my 80's childhood sale. Today though, I got a box from our own Veedubyajohn. It was significantly heavier than I expected :)

A while back I lent him that white hearse to pull molds off of. I knew that was due to arrive soon, and was expecting the candy truck as a wheel donor as well, but the rest was a surprise.


On the cards we have the excellent ‘71 El Camino casting, which I have some plans for, as well as the Custom ‘69 Chevy truck, a version I didn’t have of a casting that I love :)

I also got a nice five truck addition to my fleet of Squarebody Chevy trucks, a wild El Camino, and an even wilder third gen F-body.

Also included were these cool bizarre trucks. On the right is clearly supposed to be a Squarebody, and I think on the left it’s meant to be a Power Wagon ... but the bad is the same shape as the Squarebody. These are roughly HO scale.

Finally we have this weird and very cool Bronco (I think). The base calls it a “Stunt Riders” and it’s also roughly HO scale. It’s a pull back car, but the motor in it is pretty weak. I love the insane wheels. This is a really fun little guy. Expect to see some ORAT action in the near future.

Thanks again my friend! I love them!!