Day 5 of the diorama making. Day 4 is here, and I got the instructions here. This post series is pretty much documenting the creation of my diorama.

Today I added a weathering effect to the black. The idea was to “dry brush” the whole thing with white. I soon learn this was easier said than done.

To put it simply, with only words and a rough idea of what to do, I just went at it. What I learned was this, DO NOT APPLY ANY PRESSURE TO THE BRUSH. Dry brushing is brushing off the majority of the paint onto something else (like cardboard), and then do gentle brush strokes across the base with as little paint as possible. Somehow it works. But any pressure on the brush makes the above happen, the big white splotches.

My end result. I’m...not entirely too sure about it. I like the white texture, but something honestly seemed off. It might be the splotches, or how the white brush strokes always seems connected. Also, I dry brushed up and down, then left to right, then southwest to northeast, then some circular patterns. The up to down strokes are more apparent probably because I was still figuring it out and applying too much pressure.

Sometime later, I went back and I slightly dry brushed black paint onto the heavier white splotches. I’m considering playing around with dry brushing (black & white paint) to get my desired result. Unfortunately, I’m not sure what I want, so I’m really just winging it. Do you guys think it looks believable as pavement? I’m on the fence about it honestly.

FYI, I used “Apple Barrel: White” to dry brush the base. I was iffy because, well, white paint on black. But it really came out well on the black, so I was surprised. Plus, you don’t need a lot of paint for the dry brushing. I used only one squirt of paint, and that was too much.

Here’s a pic showing where the buildings will be located on the base. Using the above pics, you can see why I left the area under the gas station untouched, I never expected it to be seen. Same with behind the gas station. I am considering adding a tree behind the gas station, and perhaps some dirt and/or grass at the front of the base. I’m still playing with those ideas in my head.


The Tomicarama gas station does sit pretty high, as it has a tall lip for its curb. I was hoping the spackle would lessen the lip a bit, but it’s hard to tell without putting a car on it. So far it seems that the spackle didn’t raise the height very much.

I did spackle and paint under the fire station for a couple of reasons. One reason is that it allows me to remove it to make a large parking lot, or even replace the building with another one. Another reason is that, unlike the gas station, it has no lip/curb, so it sits pretty low. I was hoping that if I just finished everything underneath, it’ll help it to ‘flow’ better when the cars are on it.

So what do you guys think so far? Like I said earlier, I’m on the fence about how it looks, and I might need todo more dry brushing to break up the various ‘patterns’ on the base.