Alright folks, it’s time for the next lesson, the ground foam aka the green grass! The ground foam I used is Woodland Scenics brand, who have a vast variety of different colors to choose from.

Before you do anything though, I highly recommend painting it brown. I used this AB Burnt Umber color, as it’s a nice rich and dark brown.

First layer of the brown painted. Personally, it wasn’t dark enough so I did a second layer.

That’s more like it! The reason I painted it brown is because sometimes the ground foam doesn’t cover everything, and whatever is underneath shows. It’s better for it to be a earth tone then a white color.

Next up, glueing the ground foam. You can use ModPodge, it works pretty dandy. That’s not what’s it the bottle though, we bought something similar and just refilled it, :p. Also, use a sponge brush, as they are cheap, work better for this, and if you use a bristle brush you will forever ruin it.

I like to use flexible cutting boards as a way to capture loose ground foam.

Using the sponge brush, apply glue exactly where you want the ground foam.

Apply way too much ground foam to ensure the whole area is covered.

Since my project is so small, I flipped it over and the excess falls off. Whatever sticks, sticks; whatever doesn’t, doesn’t.

Applying glue to the back now...

You can see here how I applied too much on purpose, and how I used the cutting board to capture the excess. You can always reuse the excess ground foam, which is why I save it.

The back is all done and looks spiffy.

I applied a lot of glue here. I took the sponge brush and pretended I was painting something, trying to cover as much area as possible.

Almost finished!

Lastly, you need to apply a spray adhesive as a layer on top. This makes sure nothing falls off, and everything stays in place. And it makes sure your ground foam doesn’t bleed off green particles either.


And that’s it! Nothing too fancy; it took me a total of about an hour to do it. The biggest issue is waiting for the glue to dry, which takes about half an hour.

Any questions, don’t be afraid to ask!