First off, these images came from the Facebook Live streak off of the Lamely Group- major hats off to them for releasing this stuff to everybody. Matchbox has released their listing of new toolings for 2018, and there are some great things, some designed in mind of Matchbox’s 65th Anniversary- and that includes bringing back classic toolings! So let’s dig in.


Matchbox Original- Arctic Thunder
Matchbox Original- Rescue Tank

To start off, there are fewer Matchbox Originals this year- good news for collectors! We have a new flatbed style tow truck and off road trailer which have potential to be popular.

This may be the final color
Plymouth Sedan- this will be a police car, but there will not be a siren
Matchbox has a Yamaha license, some expect more bikes
Roughly as close to the concept vehicle
This will be a Jurassic World car, but there is a stock premium version in the works
Year undecided on this one
Can’t wait to put this Diamond T next to this Nissan Champ
A good followup to the earlier Escalade
Gotta have a firetruck!
This won’t have the roof rack
This is a throwback to the Lesney version, hopefully the same size
This will be a stock car in final form
This will be cool- the wheels will be rolling
Nissan is going to work with Matchbox on the new, unreleased Leaf
Another throwback, to the XK150 Coupe
This is an electric vehicle, something Matchbox wants more of
Was originally going to be a rally car, but it will be stock
There will a basic and premium version, hopefully with opening doors
A 2017 holdover

All of the above are debuting in the basic lineup, but some will have premium versions tooled.

These cars are all in development, some could be dropped.

The picture above are all carswith moving features which are being developed, but they could be dropped. They include;

-VW Type 3 (based on Lesney)

-Mercedes 220SE (based on Lesney

-Ford Crown Vic (now with opening rear doors)

-Willys Wagon (opening doors)

-VW Samba (opening side doors)

-Nissan 300ZX (opening hood, classic tool)

-GMC Sierra (opening doors or hood)

-Nissan Xterra (opening hatch)

-Pontiac Grand Prix (opening doors, based on Lesney)

-Chevy Camaro Coupe (opening hood)

-Tesla Model X (opening falcon wing doors)

-BMW i8 (opening scissor doors)

- ‘63 Chevy C10 Camper (opening feature not specified)

-Renault Tresor Concept (half opening car)

-Gasser (A Henry J is pictured. Will be a flip up hood)

-’80's Convertible . . . type not told, intentionally

-’72 Torino Funny Car (lift up body)

-Food Truck (retool, opening side)

Other things happening in the world of Matchbox:

-A ‘47 Chevy Pickup will appear in a GM trucks series

-A G550 G-Wagen will appear in a Mercedes series

-The 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon will appear in color changers before hitting the mainline


-There will be a “Cars and Coffee” 5-Pack, and many old tools will reappear in the 5-packs.

There are also some other premium models debuting; some of these are being designed to fit opening features and will join the other list

-The ‘14 Corvette Stingray will appear without siren, and an opening hood

-A regular Range Rover will debut

-A Honda S2000, possibly with opening hood

-A Dodge Challenger Funny Car (lift up body, based on classic tool)

What are you looking forward to the most? Why? Once again, thanks again and credit to the Lamley Group for posting the video which led to these screenshots!