Greetings fellow LaLDer’s! I have been busy (as usual, work is worship LOL) and haven’t really been getting a chance to post stuff as of late. well took some time off today (Yippee!!) and So here is one of my entries which i had built for the 2017 Matchbox customs contest. Although i did not win (Grrrr..) But there always is a next time :D.

First one up is a Bulgarian made Matchbox Carmichael Commando. For those of you who don’t know, the Commando in real life was a three-axle 6x4 (Later converted to a legit 6x6)Range Rover conversion based on the 2 door Range Rover and was made back in the 1970's. It was offered as both a fire engine and a luxury SUV and was made by the UK based Carmichael Ltd. (They specialise in fire fighting vehicles and similar special vehicle builds)

So the stock Mbx model was just too boring, so converted it into a rain forest expedition vehicle with a custom roof rack, skidplates, 6x6 suspension, wheelswap and a lot more.....

here are the photos..

Outdoor shots

Thanks for looking, more coming soon ;)