Yesterday I officially became a College Grad. It’s been a long road... I started school in 1996 at Keene State College and did decent at first. But, then partied a bit too much and lost interest during year two. Fast forward to around 2012 I really felt like I had some unfinished business. So, I carried my credits over to Community College of Vermont and started taking online classes while juggling full time job/family/volunteer work at the shelter. There were times where I was just so exhausted with everything life was throwing at me.

Now, I am finally done. Graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree in Graphic Design. It feels good. To all you old guys here, you are never too old to go back to school and learn new things :) To all you young kids here, get off my lawn... I mean, higher education is a lot of work but incredibly valuable. Search deep within your heart and discover that spark that craves the quest for knowledge. Once you kindle that, there is nothing that can stop you. Ever.

So, I spent the day with my wife and my folks. Both of my parents worked their asses off to get me into school back in ‘96 and I kinda flubbed that. My wife was instrumental in supporting me for round 2. The day was dedicated to them <3.


So, diecasts... my folks also take their recycle-able waste to a local recycling center that has a swap shop for useful unwanted goods. I ask them to snag any diecasts they find at the swap shop when they visit. They brought me a small bag of assorted cars yesterday. Inside was this, unexpected, lovely Lesney Mercedes. Best Graduation gift ever! Amazingly, I don’t have this one in my collection yet!

Thanks for reading. Huge hat-tip to all you degree holders reading this. College is exhausting. But, in the end, it was totally worth it!