I don’t usually buy Matchbox cars. The ones from the last year or two did not appeal to me. I guess the various 4WDs and construction vehicles just did not fit into any of my collections. That did change yesterday though when I stumbled across a fresh batch of Matchbox at the shops.

Not only did I find the Tesla Model S, I also came across the red BMW M1 that will go nicely alongside my recently acquired blue one, as well as an Alfa Romeo 4C and a Ford GT (didn’t even know Matchbox made these).

I never really looked at a Matchbox up close but I have to say, I am impressed with the details, especially the lights. There are small inconsistencies such as number plates but that’s neither here or there.


Hard to pick a favourite but my choice will probably be the Tesla. Strangely enough, when I was in Hamburg last month, I got to sit inside one at the Tesla concept store and thought “I would get a diecast of this if it ever came out”, and now here we are.