Calling all Matchbox hoarders, I mean collectors, I have some models up for trade. I’m looking for golden era (2000s and newer) stuff in similar condition. I have some fairly desirable loose as well as carded items. All are new out of the package with very little handling if any.

In particular I’m trying to complete my GT3 variations and have yet to add a silver 60th version, the newest BotW orange, or the harder to find early dark green release. Would love to add other Bentleys, Jaguars, Rovers, Audis, Porsches, Mercedes, VWs, domestics and imports to my growing golden era of Matchbox collection. Let me know what you have kicking around.

First set are all fairly desirable, trade fodder should be equivalent.

Second set is newer and or average stuff

Third set is newer carded

The last three sets are a mix of stuff