Right after the Dover race I attended a few weeks back, I pre ordered the raced version of Matt Kenseth’s race winning car. Only to find out a few days ago that they didn’t meet the minimum pre order requirement. So I took my sad self on over to eBay and looked for the regular version. I was able to find one for 20 bucks cheaper with free shipping. So today i opened my brand new sealed diecast.

As you can see, it’s business as usual for a 1/24 Nascar diecast. Lionel has been known for a long time to have very detailed cars. Just like how Action was always good for the little details.

A beautiful dash as always.

Detailed engine bay, and the inside of the hood.

And it has an opening deck lid. Look at that fuel cell.

Like most Nascar diecasts, it has working roof flaps. It’s just a pain to keep them up for a photo.

Some exhaust love.

Camry XSE..... one heck of a trim package.

Its one awesome diecast. Being a Kenseth fan, this will be a awesome addition to my collection. To me, this will be seen in my collection as his Dover winning car.

I am more than pleased with this car. I really love the way it looks. It looks even better in person! I should know...it went by me 400 times haha

Thank you all for the look!

Here’s my footage of Matt's final laps from my seat.