The title says it all, really. This is a model that I waited for ages to get, and eventually got. Boy it was definitely worth waiting for.

I have a massive bias towards MBX when it comes to the all too familiar MBX vs. HW wars, but I guess all of us can agree that this one really is another shining effort from the MBX peeps.

Lovely paint, excellent replication of the real thing, MBX multi spokes, and perfect front - rear detail; what’s not to like!

Ah, and about the classic MBX vs. HW battle. John Lambert did a comparison of the two Model S from the sister companies sometime back, and I also did a mini side-by-side comparison. Not that hard to judge the winner, although the HW version runs the MBX close. The hopeless track-focused front chin and the extended rear overhang along with the spoiler loses points for the HW variant.


What would be your choice as the better one out of the two? Let me hear your thoughts!

Hope you enjoyed the pics! Thanks for stopping by. Have a great Friday!