I figured I’d dig these out, now that I know what they are.

Thanks to everyone for alleviating my ignorance as to the magic mark stamped upon the plastic chassis of these treasures, because, you know, I play with toys and stuff.

First up: the inevitable 959. Aside from the 962-ish pouty face, it really isn’t horrible, and the interior is quite good, featuring a separate black tri-spoke steering wheel! I have two of these, the other being an unsavory white with the license plate ‘car-go.’ Creative.

Around back one can plainly see the 959's distinguishing feature, its full-width turn signal. Also, the wheels on this one? Quite accurate for check-out line fodder.

Woo. Headlights go up; headlights go down. Sweet little Testarossa, with this neat little nubbin on the bottom that lets you play Miata. I really have to give credit to MC Toys for the scaling of their logos. Really though, this one has the same steering wheel as the Porsche AND A SHIFT KNOB.

I guess it’s not particularly visible. but that prancing horse one the rear grille is still painted (tampoed?) silver after all these years. Someone in Macau’s paintbrush shrunk three sizes that day.

Yeah, well, I ‘customized’ one. It’s a Ferrari, and it should not have been Ecure Ecosse blue. Plus, the 315 S was the one that won the ‘57 Mille Miglia rather than it’s rather deader bigger brother. Good on you, MC Toys.

I swear I saw one with that number painted on it somewhere, but really I was just drinking malt liquor and thought it’d be a good thing to put in the meatball.

Ah, the piece de resistance, the glorious V2 Turbo AWD Mercedes-Benz 2.3-16. Casting wise, yes that is identifiably W124 Benz, and moreso the fancy-pants Cosworth one. But, mon frere, it sports sideview mirrors, a pull-back motor where your back seats would be (probably, amongst other reasons, why only two doors open), and above all a manual sunroof. That, if you open too far, you have to take the whole car apart to get back almost closed, because it doesn’t close.

Opening hood! What’s amazing here are the lengths gone to to preserve the dignity of 2.3-16 Cosworth part of the equation. DOHC, and in between there’s that L- shape fuel rail/spark plug cover that looks just right. The foremost exhaust manifold pipe bends back under the other three. Pretty wild, considering this is a pull-back toy that just happened to live long enough to be shared with other people who might give a hoot.

Sorry that was so long.