The first road car of the classic McLaren Formula One team / Mercedes Benz partnership, the 2005 SLR.

When it was first revealed to the world 12 years ago (how the HELL has it been more than a decade since it was launched, seeing that this SLR still looks fresh and like it was from the future), it made me giddy with excitement just thinking of a mash up of my favourite F1 team’s expertise and the Teutonic quality of Mercedes Benz in a supercar.

Over the years, from what I know, only Matchbox and Motor Max replicated this beauty into 1/64 scale, and here today for McLaren Monday is my Motor Max version. I still don’t have the MBX one, so I’m unable to do a comparison between the two.


This is a fully licenced model, yet somehow Motor Max contrived to make this replica feel like a cheap China knockoff toy. Whereas the Lambo Murcielago SV from the same company I showcased earlier felt quite solidly built, this one just feels fragile. Like it would break into a million pieces if you grabbed it a bit too hard. So this would be a minus for me.

Over to the plus points, at least it has a nice big Merc threepointed star tampo, painted taillights and headlights, and wing mirrors. Paintjob is quite nice too.

But hey, can’t really complain since it’s a rare model to obtain, and I got it quite cheap.

Thanks for viewing and have a great day!