My birthday present arrived Friday night! And it was amazing. Getting a big ol’ box with a Model Citizen Diecast label on it is always a great experience, from the packaging to the hand-written note from Mr. CitizenPatrick himself, and this one did not disappoint.

I had been pining over this car for the better part of a year. I’m much more of a smaller scale guy, but for my birthday once a year I treat myself to a 1:18. Naturally that is a very important decision, because it is the only large car I will acquire (most likely) that year. So that I made up my mind last June or so is a testament to how good I thought the car would be. Why did I want the TSM you could ask, and Jobjoris actually did, when there is a Minichamps version for about half the price, and an older UT as well, if that’s more your game? Well, to me it was almost solely based on the fact that I had a great experience with the TSM Gozzy Porsche 935 K3, and because of those friggin cross-eyed headlights!! It’s the only model of the F1 GTR that I know that has those. It’s such a quirky and unique feature to the F1 GTRs and I love it.

Jedimario and Enginerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr both beat me to it, but here is my feature on this amazing model. Thanks again, Citizenpatrick, for tracking it down and adding it to your catalogue (he has one left! Someone go get it!)!


I won’t say anything else about it because we all know the story, so let’s just dive in!

Bonus: Some fun details on the livery design process from designer of this car (and many other GTRs, including the Nick Mason car) Andy Blackmore.

The heart of this beast: The BMW 6.1L S70 V12
More details.
Seatbelts with photo etched buckles
Numbers on the rev counter. Is the needle at 7500 or is that the redline...?
Alcantara steering wheel with GTR logo
The correct number of pedals
It’s hard to read, but the doorsill does say McLaren. Sun was a tad bright...
The gateway to that amazing transmission
Nice work on the carbon fiber weave pattern, TSM!
Fire supression and some electronics
Cross eyed but fast as hell
That tiny little eyelet...
Blade of grass for scale
My favorite angle of all time.
Hey, look! A tiny Kyosho!
The Kyosho looks bigger from here.
The business end
The mirrors work, as you can see!