I’ve got a couple of recent HWEP’s to show off, and I bought a bunch more stuff from the Fintail Haul of the Century (TM).

The first is from Alienprobe. It’s a small haul, but it’s freaking awesome stuff! I’m saving the boat for Micro Monday, but I’ve got the rest in detail.

This Classics ‘70 Chevelle was a must have for me when I laid my eyes on it. I loooove ‘70 Chevelles, and this casting really does it justice. Even the mainline versions look great, but this one is magnificent. The paint job and the detailing is spot-freaking-on! I did nothing to this car except open it and take pictures of it. I’m really happy to have this one.

Stance: Nailed it! Dem raised whites!

He also broke me off a little piece of his Fintail haul, and sent me this awesome Ford monster truck! That’s good, as all my Chevy monster trucks were getting a little uppity. Some competition will do them well. That’s one excellent RAOK! I know I sent him something extra. I don’t remember what, but I’m quite certain it wasn’t this cool.

How many Tauruses and Sables met their maker under the wheels of a monster truck? I’m guessing a lot.

I have a version of this old Ford truck casting in my childhood collection, so when I saw a relatively unmolested version on vintage real riders (my favorite!), I neeeeeded it!

Child me jammed clay in the bed between the bikes, for ... reasons ... I guess.

The next HWEP came from Pixel. I got a couple of squarebodies to feed my addiction. He threw in the freakin’ sweet Volvo wagon. I didn’t take pics of that on it’s own, because we’ve all seen plenty of those. What got things started were the two Johnny Lightning Indy 500 pace cars.

I go to the Indy 500 every year, and have been doing that since 1997. Even a couple years ago when I had a 3-week old baby at home, my wife let me go for the weekend (yep, she’s the best!). Johnny Lightning did a bunch of these in the mid-late 90's. I was new to collecting proper when these came out, and while I wanted them I didn’t snatch them up, because I didn’t really grasp that they wouldn’t be around on pegs all that long. I’m very happy to get a hold of a couple of them, and they’re in pretty good shape.

I love the graphics on this Mustang.

Holley equipped Monte Carlo SS? Yes please!

Finally we come to round two of my Fintail haul purchases. It’s an all trucks, all the time score. Tons of good stuff! Some more Majorettes and a bunch of MBX. Some of the doubles will end up in my trade pile. It’s actually not all here, I got some big scale stamped steel trucks that I’ll show another day as well.

I had the Midnight X-Press as a kid. I still have the tractor, but the trailer is long gone.

I think this racing truck was a freebie he through in, because I don’t remember seeing it in the sale pictures. Regardless, I’m excited to have it, because this is another one I had as a kid that is long gone. I remember seeing crazy guys on TV racing semis up Pikes Peak, and this truck made many such runs in the dirt patch next to my house as a kid. I also remember thinking “Bandag Bandit” was a weird name, and I still do.

You all know me well enough to know, there is no way I could leave this Majorette Texaco tanker truck sealed in that plastic. Free at last! It sure looks purdy and shiny! I always loved the red wheels on these Majorette semi trucks.

As I was typing all this, I realized I left out another big haul. I got a big heavy box from Vdubyajohn last week (or two weeks ago?), full of good stuff. I’m honestly afraid if I add anything more to this post, Kinja will self-destruct. I’m not going to push my luck, so I’ll save that one for another time.


I just want to take a moment to say what I’ve said before, you all are amazing. I have found almost nothing in the last six months locally, and really the last year has been pretty lean. The amount of treasures I have been able to buy and trade for from you all, are staggering. If it wasn’t for you, I think I’d have to give up on this crazy hobby. Instead, you all draw me in deeper. Thanks for that :)