I went out tonight for diapers, and of course I had to check out the diecast section. I didn’t even participate in this week’s poll about biggest hauls, because I rarely find more than 5 or 6 that I like at once. Well, today I bought 25. I believe that’s my record.

I got four new Auto Worlds, and a M2 COE Econoline in Shelby livery.

I also bought 20 Hot Wheels. I always here you guys talk about finding dump bins of fresh stock, and I’ve never seen that before tonight. Not only was there three dump bins of new stuff, but this latest case has a LOT of stuff I like in it. El Mirajes, C10s, Teslas, NSXes, and Zamacs, oh my!


I can’t wait to show you all what I got. I didn’t even bring them inside tonight, I had to get the diapers and the eggs, and now it’s time to finish a job application.

Oh, and still not a single one of the Porsche Series in sight. What the deuce?