Memorial Day weekend is usually one of the biggest Yard Sale weekends of the year. My wife and I did some Craigslist research, copied down some addresses and plotted our course due West. Really, just a conservative drive from our house toward Brattleboro Vt about 30 mins away.

Along the way... we encountered this yard sale that didn’t look like much at first. Really just a bunch of junk on someone’s lawn... also near a small cabin that’s regularly used as a simple year-round antique shop. I picked up a plastic toy ATV and the property owner came up to me and jokingly said: “D’ya think that runs on diesel?” We laughed and then he says... “Hey. You like toy cars? I got more in the cabin...”

So, I tagged along to the cabin and it’s got the usual glassware, antiques, trinkets and whatnot. He points at the side wall and there’s 6 blue diecast car holders a couple cardboard boxes with a smattering of loose cars... and a FREAKIN’ 40 gallon tote full of carded Hotwheels.

“How much?” I ask.

“Oh. I guess .50 cents for loose cars and a buck for any of the carded ones.” He replied.


O.k. that’s my kind of pricing. So, I dove into the loose bins and found a few gems and slew of classic real-rider cars that will be great parts for customs (in my mind).

I saved the tote of carded hotwheels for last. Mainly because I wasn’t really expecting much in there. I dug through the cars and found a regular treasure hunt. “Cool.” I thought. But then I found another... and another... and another. After finding about about 10 I started to realize that the tote was close to half full of treasure hunts from 2009-2011. Seriously... Half full. lol. So, I dug a little deeper and started to pull up some Super THs. First a Bone Shaker... then another... then a drift king... then another...

The whole situation started to feel like a bizarre dream.

Alas, I don’t collect regular treasure hunts and I didn’t want to make my wife wait forever. So, snagged the 8 that I found (and probably missed a couple in the tote) and a badass matte Black Mustang. The rest of the tote contained other regular cars from ‘09 through ‘11 and a ton of those Black Blister Mystery cars (I’m not into those either). I think there was about 20 of the Mystery cars.


Overall, it was a crazy HAWL for $24. I love the STH Plymouth Fury. <3 I only found 1 Tomica (Nissan Boom Truck) and I am super psyched to find the green MC Toys Peugeot finally.

Day 1 was pretty awesome. Might head out again tomorrow. If I head back to this location again tomorrow is anyone here looking for any regular treasure hunts from around ‘08-’11 ?? Leave a comment and I will try to snag them if we go back.

Massive photodump below. Hope you all have a great weekend!