So what was it that made me dump my beloved Revell Mercedes 500SL? Why, the AUTOart Mercedes SL600 of course. This was my grail of grails, but it shouldn’t have been. When they announced the R129 series, AUTOart listed about 4 or 5 variations.. I passed over the first two releases because I didn’t want a boring silver over black German car, and the black over tan had a green dashboard for some reason. That ended up being a mistake because those were the only models AUTOart released.

By the time it was obvious that the other versions were never coming, the original two had sold out and were commanding prices that I had no intention of paying. But I finally came across this one for sale in an auction format. I very nearly passed on it as I expected the final price to be much higher, but I bid on it anyway in hopes that I would get lucky. Which obviously I did, though it wasn’t a steal by any means. But hey, sometimes you gotta throw the value proposition out the window. It’s not like this hobby has ever really been about value anyway, right?