I’ve been lagging on content lately so I’m trying my best to make up for it. Story time. A few months back I made a quest to acquire all of the 5 variations of HW Chaparral 2D castings and succeeded. It wasn’t without great patience though. Besides the white #7 first edition and blue mystery model #2 one variation in particular was extremely hard to come by. I’m referring to the white and orange stripe #2. This particular variation was only available in Target stores in a commemorative 20 pack from 2011. That made it harder to track down then most super treasure hunts because it was so specific. In fact in three months of searching this was the only 20 pack I ever found. The only thing harder to find is the yellow Ferrari 156 casting, international 5 pack from 2007, I’ve been looking for a year now.

Pictured below are my favorite 3 out of 5, the last two not pictured are just wheel variations in HW Racing livery. End story.