Among the Easter festivities at the Shop Teacher household yesterday, was a nice play session with a whole big bin of diecasts, both my daughters, and myself. It was pretty great. I thought I had cleaned them all up, but the wee one apparently absconded with these two Micros. The blue ‘59 Chevy convertible was mine from childhood, but the big one charmed me out of it.

The pink disco-Camaro was actually my mom’s. She was a huge enabler of my diecast collection as a kid, especially my Micro Machines. The pink ones always went to her. After she passed away, my wife put her Mom’s collection on our kitchen window sill. When my daughter got old enough to ask for them, they became hers. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing one of my daughters play with a pink Micro Machine. I sure wish they could’ve met their grandma.

Here they were as I found them last night.

And then again when I got home today, I found them slightly rearranged.

I think they make an interesting pair.