Part of my huge estate sale haul were these Micro Machines. The car on the left is a generic off brand pullback car. The interesting thing about it, is it still works and has all it’s tires. It may become a donor. I didn’t take any feature pictures of it. The rest of them are an interesting assortment of great Micro Machines castings.

First up is this (mid 50's?) Cadillac Eldorado convertible. This is a really nice casting, one that I have in my childhood collection in a nice pale blue. It appears this is a color that not even the Micro Machines Museum website has.

Next is this awesome Porsche 917. This is the “as raced” version ;)

This ‘56 Ford pickup has definitely been doing some work. I dig this paint scheme.

The biggest prize of all is this Private Eyes series Porsche 959. The paint scheme screams Shell Oil to me, but there are no logos. Maybe they were doing a deal and the licensing fell through?

The interior shot is pretty cool, it’s a vintage rally car! Which, obviously, doesn’t really match what the 959 looks like, but it’s still cool.

Here’s the rest of the good stuff from that haul. You’ll be seeing more of a lot of these. Although some of it will become trade bait.