I was not the kind of kid that took pristine care of my toys. I played hard with them, and when it came time to store my Micros Machines, they all got dumped into a big bin. I did at least have a separate dump bin for my bigger cars. Micro Machines were built really well, but some of them did not survive in-tact. Here are all my Micros (and Micro knock-offs and tiny Racing Champions) that are missing pieces.

These fire engines are really impressive castings, with lots of details and moving parts. Unfortunately, this one lost it’s ladder many moons ago.

A smaller fire truck based on the Datsun truck casting, has been missing it’s push bumper for as long as I can remember. Hurricane-Daughter was in the basement playing when I took these pictures. She claimed this one as soon as I was done with it. At first I thought she wanted the big fire engine above, and she got all upset when I tried to hand it to her. Nope, she wanted the tiny Datsun. I can’t blame her, it’s a great casting too.

A yellow Datsun 720 and a red knock-of of the same casting. There is writing on the base of the knock-off, but it’s too small for me to read or for my iPotato to focus on. These are both missing their light bars.

This trio of Jeep CJ-7's includes two genuine Micros on the right, and a knock-off from the same mystery brand as the Datsun on the left. All are missing their roll cages, the ones on the ends are missing their push-bars, and the black Micro on the right also has the ends of the front bumpers broken off. I love the paint scheme on the black Micro, and I suppose it’s the most broken because it got played with the most. That’s a pretty common theme with my childhood diecasts.

Semi tractor castings, genuine Micro up front with all the great detail, and a knock-off behind it.

Front end loader with no front bucket with which to load.
These guys on the catamaran are going to have a hard time getting to shore.

The dusty MG(?) lost an axle a loooooong time ago. Below that the lunar rover has a couple little pieces broken off. Luckily I have an in-tact one as well.

Semi trailers missing their king-pins.

Here are a few Racing Champions from the mid-late 90's. RC dis a bunch of old castings with then current NASCAR liveries. The truck is Ricky Craven’s NASCAR 50th anniversary livery, he was sponsored by Budweiser, so that’s a no-go on kid’s toys. It’s missing the working tailgate. The old Ford is missing it’s spare tire/license plate that was on the back bumper. If I recall Michael Waltrip was driving the Woods Brothers Ford back then. Below that is a ‘57 Chevy drag car that is just a body-shell now. I want to say that was Sterling Marlin’s Kodak ride back then ... maybe. These are all purchased in high school, so they never really got played with, but they still got stored and moved in the same dump bin that all the others lived in over the years.

Considering the hundreds of Micro Machines I had as a kid, the relentless play, and terrible storage they lived through, the fact that these are pretty much the only ones missing parts (there are probably a few others on my display shelves that I missed), is actually pretty impressive.