It was a nice weekend for yard sale hunting. Sadly, I didn’t find anything (diecast related) worth buying. So, we hit up one of my favorite indoor flea markets and I found theses two buried with the $1 loose cars. The stingray is pretty awesome. I love the rims and real-riders. The Cougar has quite a few imperfections. So, unless Huzer chimes in begging me not to slay an innocent Cougar, it’s going to get chopped up for custom parts.

Bonus epic yard sale score at the bottom of this post (non diecast related) :)

Ewww. casting craters...
poor tampo placement all around.
We employ nothing but the finest blind apes tripping on crystal meth.
Those wheels! <3

For those of you that survived childhood in the 80's, you will immediately recognize this epic slice of toy-awesomeness.

LAZER TAG! ohhhhh yeahhhh!

Scored two complete sets (Guns, wearable target with straps, guides and official TSR handbook). Insanity!


I didn’t have Lazer Tag when I was a kid because it was kinda damn expensive. But, the lucky kids could run around the neighborhood and shoot their friends futuristic style. There was really nothing more amazing than this other than video games.

Now I have to con my wife into playing...