After a long, frustrating day at work today, sometimes the only way to relax is to watch a diecast race unfold. Tonight we have a AW Mustang Boss 302 versus a AW Calloway Corvette. I wonder who’s gonna win...

It’s the mustang! I rolled a 20-sided die and a 7 came up. First lane is odds, second lane is evens. I then rolled again to see how close the gap would be. I rolled a perfect 20, but I moved the corvette closer to get in the frame. Needless to say, the Corvette lost big time. Probably a amateur driver.

Ok, the top four pics I took before I took a shower. When I came out, I saw this scene. I’m not sure if it’s foul play or not though.

What was suspicious were these two dradels at the scene. Gimel and Hay were face up, and if my Biblical Hebrew isn’t rusty, it’s a G and a H. we have a Jewish gang problem then? Will we have to contact the police I....err...why aren’t the police at the accident?! It’s a conspiracy!!!