This post, by Camshaft Chris (thank you CC), reminded me of something I learned yesterday at the franchise in question. Mt walmart rant made me forget for a time, but...

I bought a few HWs at TRU and they rang up at $1.29!
Yup, one dollar, twenty nine cents!
I told the cashier/clerk/asst mgr that they were supposed to be $1.09(which is high enough, right?), and that the shelf tags still said $1.09, and I’d be happy to go rip one down and bring it to him.
He consulted with his co asst mgr, and though he “lowered” the price to $1.09, the comment was made that someone forgot to change the shelf tags and enter the NEW price!
Excuse me, NEW Price?
WTF? Really? TRU’s price for HWs will now be one dollar, twenty nine cents???
I told them flat out to prepare to be dusting a lot of cobwebs out of that aisle if this came to pass, and I was told it’s a corporate decision, not theirs.
I truly believe they are purposely trying to drive away customers so they can shutter certain stores.
Thanks for the memories, TRU. Some of them were actually pleasant...