A moving art now adds an extra serving of thrill.

I among many was a criticizer when Pagani released the Huayra, the front was odd to me considering how its predecessor, the Zonda looked. But overtime the new design grew on me and Pagani’s extensive attention to detail never faded on the Zonda successor which made me admire it even more and now it has become one of my top 10 favorite cars.

Of course, it won’t be Pagani if they don’t try to go overboard with their third iteration of the Huayra. The Roadster actually had a rather rough start when plans for the car was cancelled and shelved for 3 years and concentrated on developing the hardcore Huayra BC. Now with all the knowledge they gathered from creating the BC, they returned to the idea of the Roadster with better plans than they had before. The steps Pagani took to create the Roadster was outlandish even insane to most people. To achieve the ambitious goal of making the Roadster lighter than its fixed roof counterpart, a new carbon fiber tub for the Roadster was designed using a new type of lighter and stronger carbon fiber from the BC to eliminate any weight penalties for structural rigidity. The gearbox and engine are from the BC both had been reworked with the engine slightly detuned compared to the unit in the BC. Pagani also paid extreme attention to the exterior where not only aerodynamics of the car must be better, but also more drop dead gorgeous than the coupe like the new upward swoop design above the taillights and a few other aggressive design cues borrowed from the BC.

The result is a convertible that is an amazing 176 pounds lighter and 52% stiffer than the coupe. In my opinion, the Huayra Roadster’s asking price of around $2.4 million is pretty reasonable considering the amount of effort they’ve done to create it.

I on one hand don’t have that kind of cash currently. So the HW one suits me perfectly and I’ve expressed my admiration of this beauty on more than one occasion here and now coupled with the coupe.

That’s all for this post. See you next time. Cheers.