“In my fo’-do’, lookin’ real photogenic!”

That’s 2 Chainz with the clever punchline. This, however, is GT Spirit with its (as always) fantastic 1/18 scale rendition of the BMW M3 (E90) Sedan.

With a few rare exceptions (for example: Skylines), I almost always prefer 4-door configurations over 2-door ones. As a result, when it comes to the E90-series M3, this is the first one I went after. The E92 Coupe and its mad GTS brother can wait for another time and day. I picked this up off the ‘Bay for about $95 shipped, a good price as they normally run around $120-150. I had it on my watch list for a while and pulled the trigger on one of those opportunistic days when eBay had a coupon code floating around (it was $15 off $75 that day). I typically have a myriad of 1/18 models on my watch list at any given moment, and this was the one I wanted most and was the best deal percentage-wise after the coupon.


Now with the E90 filling a gap in my miniature M3 lineup, I only have one more to hunt down. The originator. The E30. And since I obviously won’t need to remind you how great these resin models are, I’ll just drop some photos here.