Monday again. Duh.

To the topic then. I really do not wish to discuss much with regards to the car in concern.

One of the most beautiful cars ever, to come from the Land of the Rising Sun, and quite possibly one of the most beautiful cars ever. That’s all the explanation I need to do. The rest is all too well known.


That is why I was quite excited when Hot Wheels design team scooped a photo from a pre - prod FD on Insta. Several months later and here we go; Quite possibly the best mainline release for 2017. It is a drool magnet, seriously. Beautiful, and truly faithful to the incredible mean machine it replicates. Take a bow, HW.

Let the photos help you decide if you agree or not. However I must admit that having the real thing in your hands could quite well shift the balance in favor of agreement.

Tail lights! :D

It paired up with the Kinsmart RX-7 (1:36) as well as the FB RX-7 from HW. The FB is

The Kinsmart looks like an SUV next to the HW. HW design nails the stance, once again.
Bear with me for the numerous shots. Could not hold myself back. :D

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