Anyone that knows me fairly well knows I have a bit of a Mooneyes obsession. As a kid growing up watching the Eddie Jordan F1 team’s yellow & black liveried Benson & Hedges car, the colors may have something to do with it. But I digress. When M2 Machines announced they were acquiring a Mooneyes license, I couldn’t wait to see what they’d do with it.

First up are these 1:24 VWs. Social media is going crazy for these right now - mostly for the chase cars it seems. There are three different chases to find in the set, including a brushed metal Beetle limited to less than 200 examples. While I’d like to find a chase, the regular versions alone are a great effort that I had to have. Luckily I found a couple in the wild. It’s almost too early on a Monday to be this excited!