And bonus Micro Machine Split window bug, plus the view of the inside through it’s tiny sunroof!

I managed to get a shot of the view but it’s a little blurry on cam although in real life it’s very clear, or it was when my eyes were younger.

Couldn’t hold it still so bluetac saved the day. There is a tiny square on the base that contains a slide of the inside, the sunroof contains a small magnifying lens for your eyeball.

The slide that’s inside has always troubled me. It features a couple of dudes in the front seats which I have no issue with, it’s the cargo in the back that I have a problem with. It looks to be survey type equipment such as a map, hammer/pick axe, rope, crate of dynamite?, tripod and other outdoorsy type things. Not really what you would expect to find laying about in the back of a vintage beetle usually.

And next to a HW Challenger for MOPAR Monday.