This week’s Mopar Monday is of a more modern equipment, this race-ready Viper is beautifully recreated in 1:43 from the folks at AUTOart.

This beast is Dodge’s offerings to private race teams in case they prefer something else other than a 911. Due to how it didn’t really fit within the multiple racing classes in Grand American and American Le Mans, it never saw action in these series. Fortunately it was welcomed to race in the SCCA Speed World Challenge.

Being the overdog it was, the sanction body had to pacify the non-Viper teams by having the brute carry around a weight penalty. Perhaps that was still not enough to blunt its competitive edge. [Info from Car and Driver]

While most of 1:43 scale models sit on their base with a lot of room left, this Viper looked very cramp in that space. Huge and unrelenting, like the good old American race car it is.

News of the Viper being consigned back to history once again has motivated me free it from its case for the camera. I was first exposed to the Viper by the TV series with the same name in the mid-nineties, barely hitting double digits in age, the impressionable me was driven wild by this form-shifting machine which could adapt and overcome anything thrown at it. For the right or wrong reasons, that show had some parts of my brain (until today) to think of the Viper as The Best Car Ever.

This second generation Viper in race trim helps reinforce that thought, from all angles it exudes fearlessness and intimidation, it wouldn’t be farfetch’d to call this a modern day war chariot. To be covered in red paint from head to tail might mean it could be three times as quick as the regular street going version.

There you go, guys. Hopefully this menacing machine has fought off some Monday Blues.