Bayside Motors held their first Supercar Sunday event yesterday and it was epic. The shop owner’s friend Jason brought his recently purchased Alfa 4C and his super rare Pagani Zonda. The selection of cars were pretty appetizing too, from high revving V12 to instant torque electric motor. From legendary Italian classic like the Lancia Stratos to oddball exotic like the Spyker C8 SWB and everything in between, they’ve had it all and even a Mazda Miata for good measure.

The other thing that made this event so awesome is they shutdown the road outside the shop for the day so the owners of these exotics can have some friendly competitions.

But the main star of this event isn’t a McLaren P1, Ferrari 288 GTO, or any of these exotics. But a truck.

Bill “Maverick” Golden’s Little Red Wagon, the show stopping Dodge A100 that can do a wheelstand down the entire 1/4 mile. In some ways it’s like a supercar, it has a central seating position like a McLaren F1, to save weight it has no dashboard like a Lamborghini Sesto Elemento. The truck has 2 chassis built into 1, the Dodge A100 is a unibody truck with a cab over layout (meaning the engine sits underneath the driver and passenger seats). It’s great for keeping the truck compact making it easy to drive in tight spots but not great when it comes to engine choices. The big block engine needed for racing simply wouldn’t fit and so they have to move the engine to the back and fabricate a second frame to accommodate it. The second frame also help strengthen the existing unibody to prevent the truck from tearing itself apart by the sheer power. The wheelstanding ability was an accidental success because fitting the engine in the bed made the truck rear weight biased which isn’t good for the quickest ET (elapsed time) but did provide a good show which spectators gave standing ovation to. The truck became an exhibition drag racer traveling from state to state to liven up the already exciting drag races back in the day.


The Original Wheelstander will now roar once again, putting up a good show for the very first Supercar Sunday at Bayside Motors. To make it even more memorable, The Original Muscle Truck was also showcased at the event, the Dodge Lil Red Express.

Overall, the event was above and beyond, now Michael (the shop owner) just need to figure out how to top this for the next event.