Ok, so after showing off my pair of brown porsches, I figured I’d go ahead and photo dump the rest of my collection. I haven’t done any body modifications yet, as I don’t have a Dremel, or the glue that’s used for body mods. None of my cars have decals, but I really wish I knew how to make some of the epic decals you guys use!

I also have yet to figure out how to steal real rider wheels, without clipping the axle in half and getting bronze tubbing. That’s a little to hardcore for me at the moment.

However, I’m getting close to the point where I might aswell buy all of these things. I also have to admit the quality ranges widely on these, and most of them are basic color changes with details and wheel changes.

Anyway, here are a bunch of pictures:

Restored johnny lightning Jaguar.

The Jaguar is still a work in progress. Might color swap it for a silver with green stripes.

A few slightly blemishes, but Im still really happy how it came out.
I REALLY like yellow headlights. It’s not because I’m lazy, I just really like yellow headlights.
I got some yellow on the windshield of the avendator which is a shame but I’m happy with it.