On Thursday night, I was able to find the NOS liveried Dodge L600 from the M2 Walmart-exclusive Shop-Truck series. Well, last night, I ran to three other Walmarts and was able to find the rest of the series. I picked up the Edelbrock Ford F-250 and Mr. Gasket Ford Econoline.

This Edelbrock F-250 was, for me, the most anticipated release from the series. It looked great in the box, but when I took it out, there were so many small flaws here and there that I’m having some serious second thoughts. First, the door gaps are pretty awful on this one, and the hood gap isn’t much better. Oh, the casualties of having opening parts. Second, the rear sits significantly lower than the front. From a side profile shot, it looks really bad. Unfortunately, I think these flaws exist with the casting itself rather than just on my example. If you’re thinking about picking this one up, proceed with caution. That being said, it is quite a nice-looking livery.

The second is the Mr. Gasket Ford Econoline Van. I remember passing on an Econoline from another series a few months ago and immediately regretting it. At first, I didn’t plan on getting this one, but it looked great in person. I ended up liking this one more than the Edelbrock F-250, but it again has a few flaws.


For one, the left side of the car sits way lower than the right side. It’s not apparent in these photos but it’s a huge eyesore in person. Then, factor in the fact that the wheels aren’t attached to the axles straightly and you have one wobbly-looking van. I display these M2’s in their acyrlic cases anyways, so these problems aren’t as visible, but for $6, you expect something better.

So I’ve visited a total of four Walmarts within 20 minutes from me and all of them have had the Shop-Trucks series and none of them have the Detroit Muscle Pink Set. This leads me to believe that the Pink set simply hasn’t reached my neck of the woods yet.

As a bonus, here’s something else I saw at Walmart:

Yup, the Pop Culture Super Mario Dairy Delivery. And someone decided to rip it out of the packaging (maybe someone who detests scalpers/collectors). And Walmart decided to tape it up and put it back up for sale. I almost considered buying it, because the state of the packaging is irrelevant to me, but I had to control myself from buying fantasy castings, even if it is a Dairy.