Finished just in time for Thursday on the Thames.

I’ve been calling this “The Devils Mini” because the two original cars were both numbered 333.

There were a lot of adult beverages consumed when these cars were cut. One of my worst cut jobs yet.

The gap in the roof was a lot bigger than I wanted it to be. I blame the rum.

The motor swap was done in two sittings. I was originally just going to use this piece with the 2 turbos, and a bit of wire mesh for the grill.

Eventually I put the boxer from an Aristo Rat in there and ditched the wire mesh.

I had to make a few side windows. The ever helpful blister saves the day again

There’s a little mark on the roof. I didn’t even see it til the satin black went on, but considering how big the gap was that I filled. I’d say this is a win.

I like the tinted windows. That will get done again.

My least favorite part is always the detail painting. I’m pretty happy with this one, but that rear license plate frame got me good. lol

Now that the car’s done I need to finish the box.

I’m trying to make it safe to take to work, not an Opel Speedster.

Thanks for checkin out my stuff