I have since added some meatballs and racing numbers to the “Lotus” and will paint the mirrors on all three of these silver at some point soon.

If there is one truth I’ve found to be universal in life, it’s that for F1 cars, much like birds, three in the hand is better than a full grid on the track.

On Friday I showed the drivers and one partially completed car, but here is the completed trio of Lotus (inspired), Matra/Gurney Eagle (inspired), and Honda (inspired) early 60s F1 cigar racers!

Of course this was a good chance to once again break out the small race track diorama I made last year, so here are some shots!

If anyone is interested in maybe editing a photo or two to put a nice background and realism on, be my guest! :D

Hopefully I’ll find a few more of these soon because I had an amazing time painting these and I want to do it again!