It has been so long since the last time I came across Welly castings, I think the last time was when I was 13 years old, yeah... verrrryyyy long time ago. For a while Welly just seemed to fell off the face of the Earth. That was until a few days ago I came across some at a local convenient store.

I start to notice an unbalanced ratio between radical, high power cars and normal daily cars in my collection, but can you blame my biased taste on high performance cars? Who doesn’t want a fast Italian or German masterpiece?So when I stumbled across these three, I decided they will be perfect to fix my problem… sort of. Apologize for crappy iphone pics (#naturallightFTW).


I’ll start with a nice “Swede” one, the new Volvo XC90. If my life ever reaches a point that mandates me to drive a SUV it would have to be this, it’s got so much class and doesn’t look like another hatchback that has been bloated up by an air compressor. Judging from the front bumper design with horizontal Ys integrated into the lower air intakes suggest it’s the R-Design variant, it even have a “T6” badge on the back to further support this since the R-Line package is only available on the lighter T6 and not on the T8 plug-in hybrid model. The only niggle I have with casting is that it could use better looking wheels and at least an attempt to replicate the “Thor hammer” style lights, one of the things that attracted me and among many to the new Swedish hit.

Next, a Jaaaaaag, I always admired the looks of the current XJ both the exterior and interior. I was fortunate enough to sit inside one of these once and the moment I got in, it’s so comfortable and elegant that I felt I could live in this thing. The SAT/NAV was incredibly easy to use and it’s fast enough to beat the Lord God Almighty (from Top Gear). What’s not to love?

And to round off my remedy for vulgar diecast collection and a perfect addition to Teutonic Tuesday, we have… a psycho Mercedes.

The W204 C-Class is one of my favorite looking Mercs of all time, I prefer the styling over the current one, it’s just a more handsome looking car. I think someone at Mercedes forgot to tell the design department that it’s okay to add some sharp angles into their designs. Plus the C63 AMG or the most bonker Black Series version shown here was one of the last AMG beasts to be powered by a 6.2 liter naturally-aspirated heart that produced a better soundtrack. If you ask me, any 6.2 liter powered AMG is welcomed in my book. Despite the one here doesn’t include the optional Aero Package, the wide wheel arches, massive front air intakes and nostrils in the hood is enough to indicates it’s an M3 slayer while doing it sideways with a trail of smoke that was once black rubber molded in a circle known as tires. This casting would be even better with some extra details and those HW 10 spoke wheels. This casting and those wheels were made for each other.

Ahh who am I kidding!?!? There’s no such thing as balance when it comes to my collection, and that is why I love it. I’ll be posting an even more recent HAWL that is very very special to me soon. Until then, here’s a teaser of one of the cars.