The Malaise era. If you are of a certain age like me, the “cars of your youth” come from this era. And what that means is that you probably don’t have many models of the cars of your youth, at least not when it comes to American fare. For the longest time, if you wanted an American car built between, say 1975-1985, you only had the 2nd gen Trans Am, C3 Corvette, G-body Monte Carlo and Regal, and the SVO Mustang. I may be missing one or two, but you get the idea.

So when Greenlight announced their intent to produce a later 2nd gen Camaro, it was received by me with great anticipation. Then the preview pictures came and I went, “Nah.” The reason for my change of heart was that Greenlight had gotten the A-pillar and side DLO completely wrong. But lust makes you do some crazy things, and I convinced myself that the T-top version wasn’t as bad as the fixed roof. However, I quickly forgot about the Camaro until I came across this beauty, finished in what is arguably the most 70's paint scheme there is (after black and gold, of course). On top of that, it was only $35. Sold!

Well, I probably should have left it unsold. Don’t get me wrong, its not a horrible model by any means, and its general quality is superior to an equivalently priced Maisto, but it had the potential to be so much more. From the front, the model looks pretty good, but Greenlight didn’t bother to black out the upper grille. Other colors don’t seem to have this issue, so I don’t know if it’s a gold thing or just my model. The side is ok, excluding the already noted A-pillar. But it falls down again when viewed from the back. Greenlight goofed on the tail lights, and they lack the “ridges” or “grooves” that lenses from this era would have had. And then those exhaust pipes! The engine was strangled enough by emissions requirements. Things are better on the interior, but the dash looks a bit large. Under the hood is a decent replication of the Chevy small block, but it’s missing the rats nest of hoses and wiring.

T-Tops FTW! But they’re not removable.

If I were Cd’M scoring this thing, it would probably be about 28/50. For the diehard Camaro fan, it’s worth getting if you can get it cheap. For everybody else, take your money elsewhere.