A bit of a weird day for me to post as it ain’t my regular Teutonic, French or Spaghetti content. This one however I got from my iHWEP with Shopteacher and was one of the few requests I made ‘m. Because somehow the Econoline always appealed to me (it featured some children’s book from my youth) so if there’s one used by the most famous chickenfarmer that ever existed: What’s not to love?

And it even got better when I found out it was a kit: even more fun and options to chose from! Of course I went for the golden 5-spoke wheels with the Goodyear lettered tires. I got support from my 4-year old because who wouldn’t want to be playing with this on a rainy Sunday?

Not much to tell from me about the Econoline as I know little of it, not even if it actually was used by Carroll. If it was it’s not hard to imagine why as Carroll Shelby and Ford, well, did stuff together. Epic stuff.

And we all have to thank a giant case of Limberneck decease that killed all Carroll’s chickens. For that fact made him start professional racing in the first place. Not just with Ford, also with Ferrari, Aston Martin and Maserati. I might do a Spaghetti Sunday post on him as I have a Birdcage he tracked intensively.

His own racing career ended pretty quickly as well caused by health issues. As a heart condition caused him to abandon his driving prematurely in 1960. Then again: We might be a bit thankful of that as it gave us the Cobra. And didn’t he have something to do with getting the GT40 successful as well?

And it’s a great opportunity to show another one of my favorite 1/64s: AutoArt’s 2004 Ford Shelby Cobra concept. I know it doesn’t really get much love but I always loved this concept.

And that’s it for ‘Murica Monday for me. No Micro Machines, sorry Shopteacher. I know you added those as well in that amazing package you sent me, it really is for another day. There was so much in it, thanks again!

Enjoy your week LaLD!