Once in a while, I give modern muscle cars a place under the spotlight, and this one has been climbing in fame; some have even been the subject of SEMA builds. Is the fox body Mustang seeing a renaissance? I certainly think so.

This generation of the Mustang is one of the main players that brought an end to the Malaise Era, and gave rise to the new generation of muscle cars we see today. I might not understand the car from a technical stand point, nonetheless the stories I've heard surrounding the fox body are enough to warrant a place in the fleet.

This Mustang is the first Greenlight I've ever bought from a store and a total surprise, of all the TRU outlets I've been to, only one place stocks them.

The piece is the first of many things; first GL into the collection, first notchback fox body, etc. After seeing how intricate the police motifs and nicely applied onto the vehicle, I came to held GL with high regard. There was this sudden hunger to get more from the brand, fortunately ZTP has hooked me up through HWEPs.