When it comes to muscle cars, I am a diehard Mopar fan but there are a few exceptions; the 1969 Mustang model year and the early generation Camaro.

While normally a Camaro does not get my attention immediately due to how much it has been played out (Thank you, SEMA), I was caught off guard by this very stock-looking Z/28 in 1:64 scale by Kyosho.

So often have this car been modified up the wazoo that an unmolested one is in fact more eye-catching. I was about to step into the 1:64 world of Kyosho wonderfulness and this Z/28 in GM blue is the best way to make the plunge.

From the racing stripes to the GM Rally wheels, Kyosho hit on the nail on its representation. I really like the fact that there is only one side mirror on the driver’s side; a nice tribute to the Trans Am racers from yore. The only caveat is that Kyosho does not make any old school Mopars in 1:64 scale. If they do, my money will theirs this instance.

Turns out I didn’t just stop at the Camaro, there’s another GM Muscle from Kyosho that I scooped up. Here’s a teaser pic...

Thanks for looking through, I hope you have enjoyed this Camaro as much as I do.