I am just a little too young to have had any redline Hot Wheels as a kid. I didn't have any older siblings, so my childhood Hot Wheels are exclusively black walls. I decided that I needed to fill that hole in my collection, so off to the bay of e I went to noodle around. I fell in love with the Poison Pinto, and I think the reasons why are obvious. It's a panel wagon on bigs and littles, with a big honkin' tunnel-rammed V8. What's not to love?

It isn't rare, it isn't mint (obviously!), and it isn't valuable. But it has the look I want, it rolls well, and I think it's bad-ass. I love it! I'm also proud of myself for not falling down an eBay bunny hole, and buying a bunch of redlines. I scratched the itch, so I'm good. Unless I happen to find a decent and cheap Custom Fleetside ...

When I saw the tool set in the back, that was the clincher. I needed a Poison Pinto! :)