What started out 4 years ago as a fun idea to gift my car enthusiast buddies Hot Wheels for Xmas has ultimately morphed into a (fun and) greed-filled obsession of my own.

Thanks to a few deals made with friends, fellow readers here, a support group on Facebook, and a recent trip to an antique store (many more of those to come), I’ve been able to expand my collection past the 4 years this adventure began. By most standards, I’m still a toddler at this collecting thing. However, I now hit local Targets, Walmarts, Dollar Trees and grocery stores on a weekly basis - a minimum of 5 stores a week. Lord, help me.

I spent an entire Saturday, organizing and cataloging my collection. Thought it would be a great opportunity to share so I hope you enjoy!

Without further ado, here we go...

Starting from the top - TH + one $TH. Still have a lot of work to do here as I was never really out hunting these.

My prized mainlines. CLK-GTR takes the cake.

I have a thing for sets. Still hunting a few..

I like ‘Vettes. I like them a lot. I’ve owned a C5Z for 7 years now.

Final note: I’m likely going to create another post sharing the duplicates I have for trade bait so stay tuned! If it’s a set, a variation, or something I don’t have here that fits, generally speaking - I probably want it!